To All International Students / Schedule for the first semester of the 2011 academic year (CIE, Waseda Univ. 18-Mar)

19 Mar

◎To All International Students / Schedule for the first semester
of the 2011 academic year

被災地出身の学生の状況を考慮して、4月1日 (金)2日(土)に予定されていた入学式
As a result of the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast earthquake, entrance ceremonies
scheduled for April 1 (Fri) and 2 (Sat) will be cancelled in consideration to students
from affected areas and due to the unstable public transport system and the
scheduled rolling blackouts. In addition, the beginning of classes will be postponed
by a month: from April 6 (Wed) to May 6 (Fri). The detailed schedule for the first
semester of the 2011 academic year is as follows.


  • 4月1日(金)2日(土)入学式は中止
  • 4月11日(月)~20日(水)在学生科目一次登録
  • 4月20日(水)留学生向け新入生オリエンテーション
  • 4月21日(木)~25日(月)新入生学部ガイダンス(詳細は、所属学部・研究科にお問い
  • 4月29日(金)~5月1日(日)科目二次登録
  • 5月6日(金)~8月4日(木)前期授業期間

(First Semester Schedule)

  • April 1 (Fri) and 2 (Sat): Entrance ceremonies cancelled
  • April 11 (Mon) to 20 (Wed): 1st course registration period for
    current students
  • April 20 (Wed): New student orientations for international students by
    the Center for International Education
  • April 21 (Thur) to 25 (Mon): New student guidance by the school
    (for details, please contact your school office); 1st course registration
    period for new students
  • April 29 (Fri) to May 1 (Sun): 2nd course registration period
  • May 6 (Fri) to August 4 (Thur): First semester classes held


  • 在学生の科目登録に関しては、各学部及び研究科事務所からWaseda-net
  • 入学手続き書類取扱いに関しては、所属する学部または研究科よりお知らせい
  • 科目登録および関連イベントの日程変更は、新入生には郵送またはメールで、
  • 寮に関しては、後日お知らせいたします。または、私費外国人留学生の方は、レジ

(Other Notices)

  • Details regarding course registration for current students will be notified via
    Waseda-net portal announcements and emails by undergraduate and graduate
    school offices.
  • Information regarding enrollment procedures will be notified by your
    undergraduate or graduate school office.
  • Changes to the schedule for enrollment procedures and other related events
    will be notified via postal mail or email to new students and via Waseda-net
    portal announcements or emails to current students.
  • Announcements regarding dormitories will be released at a later date. Or,
    as for information about privately funded students, please check the Residence
    Life Center website.

◎Validity of Certificate of Eligibility and Student Visa

For students who come to Japan with the Certificate of Eligibility and the Student Visa,
you have to enter Japan before its expiry date. If you are planning to come to Japan
after the Expiry date, please send an e-mail to the CIE office (

◎General Questions about VISA

Should you have further question regarding VISA, please send an e-mail to the CIE Office

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