To All International Students of Waseda University (CIE, Waseda U 17-Mar)

17 Mar

To All International Students,

With the current situation surrounding the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast
earthquake, we understand that many international students are feeling
anxious due to the limited amount of available information. Since the
earthquake occurred, we have received many questions from international
students. In this announcement, we would like to set forth Waseda University’s
response to the earthquake. This applies to: students planning to enter Waseda
University this April (undergraduate, graduate, Intensive Japanese Language
Program, exchange, and MEXT students), students who are currently abroad,
and students who are currently in Japan.

  • 前期の授業の開始時期を、4月下旬から5月初めに遅らせることを検討しています。
  • 2011年4月入学を予定している学生には、入学時期の延期を認めます。具体的な内
  • 4月中に留学生オリエンテーションを開催します。尚、来日を予定している学生、既に
  • 3月に予定されている卒業式は中止になりました。詳細は、各学部・大学院等のWeb
  • Waseda University is considering the postponement of the start of classes
    to the end of April to early May. It is also considering whether to cancel the
    entrance ceremony scheduled for April 1 and 2. An announcement will be
    released in the next couple of days regarding detailed schedules.
  • Students who are scheduled to enter Waseda University in April 2011 will
    be permitted to delay their admission period. Details and necessary
    procedures will be announced as soon as possible.
  • An international student orientation will be given in April. For students
    already in Japan, orientations will also be held as scheduled next week.
  • The scheduled March graduation ceremonies have been cancelled.
    For details, please refer to the school or graduate school of your enrollment.

以上につきまして、何かご不明な点がございましたら、下記早稲田大学留学センターのメ ー

Please take these above points into consideration when planning your travels
to Japan. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Waseda
University Center for International Education at (
We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time of uncertainty.
We are doing our utmost to keep you informed.

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