Announcement from Center for International Education, Waseda Univ.

14 Mar

被害の報告ありません。 一方、東京地域においての交通および通信システムは、未だに不安定な
状態が続いております。 地震災害後、早稲田大学の対応については随時、大学もしくは留学センター

◎To those who are concerned, this is to inform you about the situation in Tokyo after
the massive earthquake and tsunami hit and caused severe damage to the northeast of
Japan on 11th of March 2011. For Tokyo is about 380 kilometers away from the center
of this earthquake, Waseda University has not been reported of any loss at this point.
However, transportation and telecommunication system have been unstable, and further
assessment for the damages is remaining in Tokyo. The latest information concerning
Waseda University’s measures corresponding to the earthquake will be updated on the
webpage of university and the Center for International Education. Please pay close
attention to these latest announcements.


◎There will be scheduled power cut in Kantou area including Tokyo city.
The Kantou area was separated into several groups, and electricity will be
temporarily stopped among different groups.

For details about the exact time of electricity cut for your area, please refer
to the below URL of Tokyo  Electricity. Please confirm the time of power cut in
your area, and prevent from using elevator  during the scheduled period.
(only Japanese information is available at this point)


◎Aftershocks are still expected in the following days. Please refer to the URL
below for important  information about how to protect yourself from


◎The URL below provides the detailed information about shelters in Tokyo
or Shinjuku area:

1.東京都内の避難所 (日本語のみ)
Information for shelters in Tokyo. Information is only provided in Japanese.


Information for shelters in Shinjuku area (from page 10 to 11).


◎Please consult with your affiliated undergraduate/graduate school office
about information of procedures for enrollment, course registration and so on.
For the contact of different school offices,

please refer to the URL below:
(日本語・Japanese only)



  1. 3月23日と24日に予定されている交換留学生、
  2. 3月25日に予定されている留学生オリエンテーション(正規生・科目等履修生向け)。
  3. 4月5日に予定されている国費留学生オリエンテーション

◎To students who are going to enter our university from April, 2011:
The following orientations by the Center for International Education will be
held as scheduled.

  1. Orientations on 3/23 and 3/24 for exchange students and double-degree
    program students.
  2. Orientation on 3/25 for international students
    (degree-seeking students and non-degree students)
  3. Orientation on 4/5 for MEXT scholarship students.



Should you have any inquiry towards the above information,
please do not hesitate to contact us through our
email address:

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